THE BOUGH BREAKS is a Documenatry Feature about visionary conservationist  Alan Watson Featherstone, the work of the Conservation Charity Trees For Life (which he founded over three decades ago), and the wider argument for rewilding as a viable approach to tackling many of our global conservation and climate crises. With contributors including: George Monbiot, author of 'Feral', Dr David Hetherington author of 'The Lynx and Us', ecologist Shaila Rao from the BBC's Winterwatch/Springwatch, Dr Louise Ross from the University of Aberdeen's School of Biological Sciences and Duncan Halley from the Norweigan Institute for Nature Research. The film discusses the need for more individual responsibilty in the stewardship of this planet and the enormous legacy one man can achieve by staying true to his personal vision. The Bough Breaks is co-directed by Caroline Strong and Danny Strong, co-produced by Danny Strong and Gabriel Strong and exec' produced by Gabriel Strong & Caroline Strong. It is filmed and edited by Gabriel Strong and Danny Strong, with wildlife cinematography by  Danny Strong (AKA Danny Bean, BWPA Highly Commended filmmaker). The feature is written and narrated by Caroline Strong with an original soundtrack by exciting young composer Alan Fowler. It is due for completion in 2020.  Please follow this link to our trailer!

         Alan Watson Featherstone  -  Founder of Trees For Life

    George Monbiot        Alan Watson Featherstone        Shaila Rao




Interviewing Dr David Hetherington.

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