CAROLINE STRONG (BA) - Producer Director/Writer/ Narrator -


Caroline has worked in media for over thirty years as a successful actress in Television,Theatre and Radio with more than forty programme credits and over one hundred episode listings on IMDb. In Theatre she has worked at the Royal National Theatre,Olivier, The Liverpool Playhouse and the Manchester Library Theatre. She was a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company at Broadcsting House with numerous credits for BBC Radio 3 & 4 and the World Service. Her first feature documentary for Mousehole Films, The Village on the Loch, has exceeded her expectations by winning 14 awards and  2 nominations for the company,  members of the team and for herself as director and producer. Conservation has always been a subject very close to her heart, she hopes to use Mousehole Films as a platform to open up the debate on many of the serious global concerns and challenges that we face today. She is co-producing The Bough Breaks with Gabriel Bean and Cultybraggan with Ade Bean. For more information click on these links 

Caroline at IM​Db or her website at

GABRIEL BEAN  (MPhys) - Director/Producer Cameraman/Editor/Researcher.


Gabriel graduated from the University of Lancaster with an Integrated Masters degree in Theoretical Physics with 1st Class Honours and he is currently continuing his PhD studies there in the area of Quantum Optics. He worked as a researcher for BBC Science at Broadcasting House on the Professor Brian Cox series FORCES OF NATURE while still an undergraduate. He is an accomplished editor, cameraman and researcher and our go-to technical wizard. He is also producing and directing for the company, co-directing a series of Natural History shorts Seasons in the Highlands and co-producing our latest feature 'The Bough Breaks' due to complete 2019. Recent awards include honours in Editing and Cinematography for the documentary feature 'The Village on the Loch'. His ambition is to produce science output to inspire and educate the next generation of young scientists. Click here for his .IMDb page.

DANNY BEAN (MSc)  - Director/Wildlife Cinematographer/Editor/Narrator.


Danny completed his MSc in Ecology and Conservation with Commendation at the University of Aberdeen in 2019, having already gained his BSc in Environmental Science from the University of York. Danny also directs his own projects and two of his short films were Highly Commended in the Britsh Wildlife Photography Awards 2018. He is also an accomplished editor and he has recently won awards in both  Editing and Cinematography for his work on our documenatry feature 'The Village on the Loch'. He is currently directing our next documentary feature 'The Bough Breaks' concerning the life and work of visionary conservationsit Alan Watson Featherstone and his contribution to the wider rewilding debate. Danny has enjoyed a life long passion for wildife, which gives him a deep and profound understanding of his subjects. He loves the challenge of filming species in their natural habitats, in all weathers and all terrains. Previously he has worked with the RSPB, Trees for Life and he was trainee camera assistant for Lime pictures. Click on the link to his IMDb and the BWPA 2018 winners page.


The company also benefits from the expertise of a wide network of 

freelance industry professionals. 



ADE BEAN  - Producer/Director/Writer


Ade is an award winning TV Director and Writer who works regularly for ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC. While he was a Producer with BBC Radio Drama he directed BOMBER, the acclaimed docudrama event, broadcast in real time throughout a single day. He continues  to write and produce for Television and Radio and he is currently directing and producing our latest documentary feature about the experiences of life at Cultybraggan POW camp in Comrie, Perthshire. For a complete guide to Ade's Directing and Writing credits in Television, Radio and Theatre click on the links below for his website

at Ade Bean or IMDb page at imdb

Alan Fowler - Composer

British Composer and pianist ALAN FOWLER is working with us again this year, creating a moving and haunting original soundtrack for our documentary 'When the Bough Breaks'. Alan previously produced brilliant work for one of our corporate commissions for The University of York's Department of Environmental Science. 

David Chappell - Composer

Scottish composer DAVID CHAPPELL has provide music for The Village on the Loch and for two of our previous short films, as part of the series 'Seasons in the Highlands'. His music captured for us the majesty and lonelienss of the Scottish Highlands, to perfection.

Turkey Red Media

TURKEY RED MEDIA have worked with us on two of our documentaries The Village on the Loch and Cultybraggan. They have produced some stunning drone footage for both productions.

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