'THE VILLAGE ON THE LOCH'  FESTIVAL NEWS                                     AND DISTRIBUTION!

Documentary Feature 'The Village on the Loch', directed, written and produced by Caroline Strong and filmed and edited by Danny Strong and Gabriel Bean has had an extremely successful Festival journey and has secured an  American distributor, 7Palms Entertainment!


It was screened in September 2019 as part of the exciting festival line up at HIFF - The Hebrides International Film Festival, and also at the B&H Tourism Film Festival in Sarajevo,  where it was Finalist in the category of Best Documentary Feature.


It has gone on to win a total of 14 awards so far on the festival circuit! Director Caroline Strong won Best First Time Director in the Canadian Cinematography Awards,  August 2019 (Toronto) and the film picked up Best Documentary in the Eurpoean Cinematography Awards, May 2019 (Amsterdam). A further five awards were won in the February 2019 edition of Flicks Film Festival (London): Best Documentary, Best Family Film, Best Editing (Gabriel Bean & Danny Bean AKA Strong) Best Producer (Caroline Strong) and Best Narrator (Caroline Strong). The film went on to to be overall winners in the Flicks Festival Best of Year categories, for Best Editing, Best Family Film and Best Narrator and Runner Up Finalists for Best Producer and Best Documentary.

In the Latitude Film Awards 2019 (London) the film won Gold Awards for Documentary Feature, Cinematography (Danny Bean AKA Strong & Gabriel Bean) and Directing (Caroline Strong). In the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards 2018 (Atlanta) , the film won a Gold Award for Documentary Feature. It has also made Official Selection in the Dumbo Film Festival 2019 (Dumbo, New York), the Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2019 (Italy), and the Gold Movie Awards 2019 (London). Check out all the trailers for the film on our Showreel page and the IMDb page.


We are delighted for our Wildlife Cinematographer, Danny  Strong AKA Danny Bean who had two of his stunning short films Highly Commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018! Check them out on these links -

Morning of the Moorland Matadors

No Room at the Top

                  'CULTYBRAGGAN' UPDATE!



Cultybraggan is currently nearing the end of post production and we should be launching it onto the Festival circuit very soon!

  Cultybraggan Dig Week 2017

        With Dr Iain Banks and students from the University of


We had an exciting week filming the archaeological dig run by Dr Iain Banks and his team from the University of Glasgow. They were searching for evidence of tunnels and have uncovered significant finds to pursue a further, more intensive investigation in the future. This makes for an intriguing  final chapter in our forthcoming documentary feature on the camp and a tangible bridge between past and present.  A huge thank you to Iain and his students and team. 


No Time Like Spring -  Spring in the Highlands shows nature at its' most frenetic, fearsome, funny and fragile  -  courtship, nest building, birth and danger! Featuring:  Ptarmigan, Black Grouse, Mountain Hare, Pheasant, Osprey, Red Kite, Red Squirrel, Roe Deer, Dippers and so much more!  With stirring original music by David Chappell  -  'The Clockmaker's Apprentice' and inspired by the poetry of Christina Rossetti; 'No Time Like Spring' races through a Season of heartstopping beauty, while the clock ticks. Watch it on our showreel page

In The Blea'k Midwinter - Winter has come to the Highlands and battle begins to survive its beautiful cruelty.  Part Two of our four part Odyssey through the seasons in the  Scottish Highlands. We encounter Mountain Hare, Roe Deer, Buzzards, Robins, Highland Cattle, Bullfinch and more against a breathtaking Winter  backdrop and the Northern Lights. Setting the Winter mood is 'Cranham' by Gustav Holst arranged by David Chappell with the inspiring  poetry of Christina Rossetti. You can watch this by going to our Showreel page.

The Fall of the Leaf - The first part of our Highland Odyssey through the seasons. We follow a fallen leaf on its journey down stream. The countryside is transforming into rich shades of orange, red and gold as the wildlife prepares for the hard Winter to come. Featuring; Red Deer, Red Squirrel, Red Kite and the Salmon Run. The Fall of the Leaf  is set to the melancholy music of Marcus Neeley -  'Illilia' and inspired by the poetry of Robert Burns.  To watch this go to our Showreel page.

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