The Village on the Loch

Documentary Feature directed, written and narrated by Caroline Strong. As a tiny Perthshire village celebrates the bicentenary of its re-naming, a local archivist explains the rich history of the place from the Picts and warring clansmen, through the World Wars and right up to the present day. Times may have changed but the struggles to protect this tiny patch of Perthshire are just as challenging now as they ever were. From farmer to ecologist, shop keeper to artist, child care provider to pensioner, a beautiful story unfolds of how community and compassion have remained the constant here for centuries. The home of pixies and fairies and iconic Scottish wildlife, St Fillans has even been the destination of foreign royalty and global super stars!  The Village on the Loch is produced by Caroline Strong and Ade Bean and was filmed and edited by Gabriel Bean and Danny Bean with music by David Chappell.


  Cultybraggan Dig Week 2017

        With Dr Iain Banks and students from the University of


We had an exciting week filming the archaeological dig run by Dr Iain Banks and his team from the University of Glasgow. They were searching for evidence of tunnels and have uncovered significant finds to pursue a further, more intensive dig next year. This makes for an intriguing  final chapter in our forthcoming documentary feature on the camp and a tangible bridge between past and present.  A huge thank you to Iain and his students.



We are currently in post production on our documentary feature about this fascinating, beautifully preserved WWII POW camp and the personal and moving stories of those who still remember its impact, on the small Perthshire community of Comrie, over seventy years ago. The feature has been written, directed and produced by Adrian Bean, filmed and edited by Gabriel and Danny Bean and narrated and co-produced by Caroline Strong. For more stills photography of the extraordinary people we have interviewed, please go to our Stills Gallery


'No Time Like Spring' -  Spring in the Highlands shows nature at its' most frenetic, fearsome, funny and fragile  -  courtship, nest building, birth and danger! Featuring:  Ptarmigan, Black Grouse, Mountain Hare, Pheasant, Osprey, Red Kite, Red Squirrel, Roe Deer, Dippers and so much more!  With stirring original music by David Chappell  -  'The Clockmaker's Apprentice' and inspired by the poetry of Christina Rossetti; 'No Time Like Spring' races through a Season of heartstopping beauty, while the clock ticks. Watch it on our showreel page

In The Blea'k Midwinter' - Winter has come to the Highlands and battle begins to survive its beautiful cruelty.  Part Two of our four part Odyssey through the seasons in the  Scottish Highlands. We encounter Mountain Hare, Roe Deer, Buzzards, Robins, Highland Cattle, Bullfinch and more against a breathtaking Winter  backdrop and the Northern Lights. Setting the Winter mood is 'Cranham' by Gustav Holst arranged by David Chappell with the inspiring  poetry of Christina Rossetti. You can watch this by going to our Showreel page.

'The Fall of the Leaf'  - The first part of our Highland Odyssey through the seasons. We follow a fallen leaf on its journey down stream. The countryside is transforming into rich shades of orange, red and gold as the wildlife prepares for the hard Winter to come. Featuring; Red Deer, Red Squirrel, Red Kite and the Salmon Run. The Fall of the Leaf  is set to the melancholy music of Marcus Neeley -  'Illilia' and inspired by the poetry of Robert Burns.  To watch this go to our Showreel page.

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