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                                THE BOUGH BREAKS

                Documenatry Feature due to complete 2019

Alan Watson Featherstone  -  Cambridge Conservation Forum 2019.


         Goerge Monbiot                                       Shaila Rao

THE BOUGH BREAKS is a Documenatry Feature about visionary conservationist Alan Watson Featherstone, the work of the Conservation Charity Trees For Life, which he founded over three decades ago and the wider arguement for rewilding as a viable approach to tackling many of our global conservation crises. With contributors that include George Monbiot, author of 'Feral', David Hetherington author of 'The Lynx and Us' and Duncan Halley from the Norweigan Institute for Nature Research, it discusses the need for more individual responsibilty in the stewardship of this planet and the enormous legacy one man can achieve by staying true to his personal vision. The Bough Breaks is directed by Danny Strong and co-produced by Gabriel Bean & Caroline Strong, with an original soundtrack by exciting young composer Alan Fowler. It is  due for completion in 2020. 


David Hetherington on location Grantown-on-Spey, The Highlands.


                                    YOUNG HEAVIES 

           Comedy Drama Feature written by Caroline Strong.


YOUNG HEAVIES (feature) by Caroline Strong. Gritty comedy drama about a young boy going off the rails and the acceptance he finds among a mis - matched group of  Highland Village lads preparing for the Summer Games.  A heartwarming feel-good comedy drama, run through with a dark vein of Scottish granite! Currently in development with Mousehole Films.

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