Award winning TV director and writer, Ade Bean, directs, writes and produces on this fascinating documentary feature about Camp 21 Cultybraggan, close to the small Perthshire village of Comrie. This beautifully preserved WWII POW camp, proves to hold the personal and moving stories of ex POW's, their families, friends and members of the local community, who still remember its impact on all their lives over seventy years ago. Currently in post production and due to complete 2019, the feature is filmed and edited by Gabriel Bean and Danny Strong and narrated and co-produced by Caroline Strong.

We had an exciting week filming the archaeological dig run by Dr Iain Banks and his team from the University of Glasgow. They were searching for evidence of tunnels and have uncovered significant finds to pursue a further, more intensive investigation in the future. This makes for an intriguing  final chapter in our forthcoming documentary feature on the camp and a tangible bridge between past and present.  A huge thank you to Iain and his students and team. 

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